Best Actor
Director: Martin Prakkat
Producer: Naushad
Music: Bijibal
Lyrics: Santhos Varma & B.Sreerekha
Cinematography: Ajayan Vincent
Editing: Donmax
Art Direction: Joseph Nellickal
Screenplay: Martin Prakkat & Bipin Chandran
Story/Writer: Martin Prakkat
Production Controler: Alex.E.Kurian
Distribution: Big Screen, Sauparnika & Achappu
Mammootty dons the role of Mohan, an upper primary schoolteacher, who has a doting family that comprises of his wife and son. The man who is passionate about acting, hopes to be a real time actor some day.
His colleagues and friends often ridicule Mohan who behaves like an actor. His wife is the sole supporter in pursuing his acting dreams.
Then a film crew arrives at the village and Mohan makes several attempts to make his dream come true. But how successful does he turn out to be in his attempts?
Mammootty's heroine in 'Best Actor' is Kannada actress Sruthi Ramakrishnan. Lal, Nedumudi Venu, Salim Kumar, Vinayagan, Suraj Venjaranmoodu, KPAC Lalitha and Sukumari would also play key roles in the film.
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