Director: Blessy Ipe Thomas
Produced by: Noushad and Xavy ManoMathew
Written by:Blessy Ipe Thomas
Music by: Mohan Sithara
Camera: Azhagappan
Distributed by: Liberty basheer
Language: Malayalam
This is Madhavan's story(played by Mammotty). He is a man with a heart of gold.
He, as a child threw up studies and finally ended up as operator Madhavan with his 16mm projector. He goes around showing his films at temple festivals and other public functions. When on such a tour with his wife(Padmapriya), Daughter (Sanusha) and father played by Innocent, he comes across a 6 year old boy Yash, an orphan of the Gujarat earthquake. The boy had been forced into begging but had luckily managed to escape from the gang. He seeks refuge in Madhavan who develops affection for him and takes him to Gujarat hoping to adopt him legally.
The adoption process is much more compicated than he thought it would be.
Kochundapri another orphan of the Gujarat quake, lands in Kerala and is completely lost in this land which seems quite alien to him. He is unable to communicate with anybody. He meets Madhavan quite unexpectedly who takes him home and cares for him just as he would care for his own son. Just when all was well, the boy is taken away to a juvenile home and Madhavan finds himself in Jail on charges of Sodomy. The charges are soon dismissed but the media glare forces the boy to leave a Loving family and a home he had made his own. He goes back to his home state where he is faced with a long and hopeless wait for his real parents in disaster camps.
Cast :
Mammootty .... Madhavan
Padmapriya .... Lakshmi
Master Yash .... Pavan aka Kochundapri
Baby Sanusha .... Ambily
Manoj K. Jayan .... Joy
Innocent Vincent .... Fr. Kuriakose
Augustine .... Suresh
Venu Nagavalli .... Magistrate
T. S. Raju .... Police Officer
Nedumburam Gopi .... Madhavan's father
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