Director: Avira Rebecca
Producer: Naushad and Xavi Mano Mathew
Music: Siby Kuruvila
Lyrics: Vijesh
Cinematography: M.J. Radhakrishnan
Editing: Baiju Kurup
Art Direction: Kollam Suresh
Screenplay: Avira Rebecca, Walter
Story/Writer: Avira Rebecca
'Thakarachenda' is Director Avira Rebecca's maiden feature film; quite a bold debut film.The film plays out in a slum in Ernakulam. Chakrapani played by Sreenivasan and Latha played by Geethu Mohandas are the protagonists of this ambitious venture.

The majority of the first half dwells on the the trials and tribulations faced by slum dwellers. Chakrapani is a one-legged beggar and for him life is an every day struggle in the slum. Latha, a mother of two lives in the same slum. The fact that slum dwellers are the most inconsequential and insignificant part of city life hits us in the face as we see them getting exploited and subjected to all kinds of inhuman behaviour.
The story reaches its crescendo when the government decides quite ruthlessly to get rid of the slum in order to pave the way for developmental activities. Quite obviously, the slum-dwellers find that they have nowhere to go. The struggle from here on forms the rest of the plot.
Sreenivasan is exceptional in his portrayal of the character of Chakrapani. Geethu Mohandas as Latha is quite impressive especially towards the end of the film. Seema G. Nair who plays the character of Vasanthi another slum dweller but with the additional burden of a drunk husband, is good too.

The technical aspects of the film match its theme and tempo. The background score is too good and adds to the darkness of the plot.

It's an engaging story narrated from the heart as it tugs at our hearts as well.
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